Premier Golf Tour

Pace of Play Policy


Rule 6-7 states, in part: "The player shall play without undue delay and in accordance with any pace of play guidelines which may be laid down by the Committee," and thereafter prescribes penalties for slow play. In order to prevent any such penalty we suggest you review carefully the following guidelines that the PGT has established for its competitions.



Premier Golf Tour staff will be roaming the course to monitor pace of play. You should always see the group in front of you, and should never finish a hole more than 15 minutes after the group in front of you. Slow players/groups will be subject to being put on the clock, or penalized, for causing undue delay. PGT officials will inform you if you/your group is playing slow.



How To Speed Up Play and Avoid Penalties

• Realize your group is "on the clock" from the first tee

• Play ready golf throughout the round

• Players should never take more than 40 seconds to play a shot

• Make sure you are always able to see the group in front of you



Concerns and Appeals

A player concerned about a non-responsive (slow) fellow-competitor in their group, who is delaying play, should request a Rules Official to monitor the group in case it may become or is liable to penalty during the course of the round. Generally, all players in a group will receive a penalty. But in extreme cases, the Committee may only assess a penalty to certain player(s) in a group, if deemed necessary.


If a player wishes to appeal a slow play penalty that was assessed to them, they must do so before returning their scorecard. If the Committee delayed the player, or if the player was delayed by a circumstance outside their control, they may have their penalty rescinded. It is up to the Committee to make the final decision on all penalties that are given.