Premier Golf Tour

Spectator Cart Policy

It is important for the integrity of the field that all spectators adhere to all of the following Spectator Rules. Following a competitor at a PGT event is a privilege. The PGT staff has the right to assess a penalty to a competitor based on the severity of the spectator violation. The PGT reserves the right to remove any spectator from the golf course for any reason.


Please keep emotions of joy or disappointment under control. We certainly encourage you to clap/encourage all competitors, but please do so in a controlled manner that is not a distraction to other competitors in the group or other groups on the golf course. Acting in a way that is disruptive to other players will result in immediate removal from the golf course, and/or from all future PGT events. All of these rights are reserved by the PGT.



At Your Own Risk

Attending a PGT tournament, either by spectators, caddies or competitors, is at your own risk. Please be careful around all equipment and all situations. Premier and the host facilities are not responsible for any injury or theft to anyone attending a Premier event, nor their vehicles.



How To Properly Follow A Group

• Follow your group from a distance and stay in the rough or on the cart paths. Spectators should never be in the fairway. Please stay off all tees, fairways and greens.


• You may go ahead of your group to fore caddie, and we encourage you to do so, as long as you are not disrupting the group ahead of you with your presence. Please do not finish going forward until the group ahead of you has cleared the landing area.


• If you do not choose to go ahead of your group, please stay to the side of the competitors and remain still and quiet as they play their shots.


• Do not lag behind the group you are following as this often delays the group behind you.


• Putting green: spectators must never be on the putting surface and should observe the putting green from a reasonable distance that will not interfere with the competitors.


• Looking for balls: please help spot balls for all competitors. Spectators are encouraged to watch each competitor's shot closely and may assist searching for a lost ball during the five minute search period.


• Spectators are allowed to carry medicine, food, drinks, umbrellas, etc. for the competitor.


• Spectators are not allowed to communicate with other competitors or their caddies, and are to be respectful of other spectators. As in all of these rules, the PGT reserves the right to remove any spectator.



Communicating With Players

(Rule 8. Advice; Indicating Line of Play)

Advice (Rule 8) is any counsel or suggestion which could influence a player in determining his play, the choice of a club or the method of making a stroke. In addition, any conversation between player/spectator may be construed as advice. This includes any conversation between player/spectator in their native language. In either instance, penalty for breach of this rule is two strokes in Stroke Play, and loss of hole in Match Play. Players are responsible for the actions of any spectators watching them in regard to this rule. We encourage you to carefully read Rule 8 and the Decisions pertaining to Rule 8. Penalties for the players because of spectator conduct is unfortunate and can be avoided by reading Rule 8 and adhering to it.


Spectators who need to talk with a player (for health reasons and handing them sunscreen, food, beverage, etc.) should do so in front of the other spectators and/or players, or give the items to the player's caddie if he/she has one.



Spectators Giving Rulings

Spectators are not allowed to give information on the Rules to players in any instance. Giving such information breaches Rule 8 (Advice).



Rules Officials

Rules officials are on the course to assist players with rulings and to monitor and enforce the Pace Of Play Policy. Doubt as to Procedure: If a competitor is in doubt of his procedures, he may, without penalty, play a second ball. Before taking action, the player should announce to his marker or fellow competitor his decision to invoke this rule and the ball with which he will score if the rule permits. Facts to the Committee must be reported before returning the scorecard unless scoring the same with both balls (Rule 3-3). If you are in doubt as to your options and need a rules official, then you or anyone else may call the phone number on your Notice To Competitors and an official will come to you. Spectators are not to be involved in any rulings at risk of penalty strokes to the player.


When an Official is assisting a player all spectators should stay at least 25 yards away and should not get involved in the conversation. Spectators will be brought into a situation only if asked by the Official. Spectators should not confront officials. If a spectator has a question or information for an Official it should be done away from the players. The ruling a PGT staff member makes is final and should not be disputed by a spectator. The PGT reserves the right to remove spectators from the course who are confrontational and/or disrespectful to Officials.



Spectator Cart Policy

Failure to adhere to the following policies can result in your cart being taken away at any time and may result in your privileges being suspended for future tournaments. Carts may be rented by spectators (and caddies) based on availability. The daily rental fee is determined by each club and will be posted on our website. Spectator carts must stay on the cart path at all times. If the course doesn't have cart paths, then the cart must stay in the rough at all times. Carts may only move forward on the golf course, namely from tee to green, except in the case of an evacuation.


Carts must not move while competitors are playing a stroke. Spectator carts can be used in returning a player to the teebox and back into position in the case of a lost ball. Spectator carts are also allowed and highly encouraged to shuttle players between all holes. During an evacuation, carts may drive on fairways or wherever needed in order to get to safety, and are encouraged to help evacuate players first, and then any spectators and caddies. Spectator carts may carry water, umbrellas, medication, food, etc. for the player.



Inclement Weather

For your personal safety, we ask you to exercise caution at all times. When inclement weather moves into the area, or there is a known dangerous situation, Premier staff will suspend play by sounding airhorns. Accordingly, you should seek shelter immediately. The Premier staff will help evacuate players from the course first and then spectators. If you have a spectator cart, we ask that you transport as many players as safely as possible to either the nearest shelter or the clubhouse, whichever is the closest point to your position on the golf course.


The USGA and Premier Golf Tour emphasize that players in a competition have the right to stop play if they think lightning or another dangerous situation threatens them, even though the Committee may not have authorized it specifically by signal (Rule 6-8). If you have any questions regarding our inclement weather or any other policies, please put your question in writing in an email to Premier before the start of the tournament.



Dress Code

All spectators, caddies and competitors must dress in appropriate golf attire or clothing of a similar nature. All attire must meet club guidelines or the spectator, caddie or competitor may be asked to change clothing. Men must remove their hats when entering the clubhouse.



Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices

All cell phones and other electronic devices must be silenced when on the golf course. Cell phones are not required to be turned off, as we know that cell phones may be needed to contact a rules official or for an emergency. We ask that you do not answer a phone call while on the golf course. If you must, though, please remove yourself far away from any competitors and caddies when on the phone so as to not provide any distractions.



Appreciation of Club Staff and Officials

It is appropriate, and Premier encourages you, to express your appreciation to the host club and their staff there. Please recognize that your actions may influence the future availability of not only Premier returning to the course, but other golf organizations coming to the club in the future. We work hard to build great relationships with all of the courses that host us. Thank you!